A camera that frees you from the endless amounts of digital photographs.

The new mnemocam offers everything you expect from a modern digital camera: it has a 12 megapixel CCD-chip, a bright 3.5-inch HD-display, it’s light-weight, easy to use, and it looks good! But the mnemocam’s advantage over other cameras is that it totally frees you from having to deal with the huge amounts of photographs you’ve taken ...

When you put your left thumb on the left center button, it activates the mnemocam. At the same time this shows the photograph that is currently saved in the memory on the display, allowing you to see it or show it to somebody else.

Putting your right thumb on the lower button will change the display to showing the current viewfinder view. By pressing and releasing the lower button, you can switch between stored photograph and possible next shot, allowing you to compare the two and frame the possible next photograph.

Putting down your right index finger on the upper button releases the camera’s shutter. The new photograph is made and stored, the last photograph is deleted from the camera’s memory.

It’s tiny memory allows to keep only one photograph at a time. So there is only need to think about one photograph you have to deal with later. Without any USB functionality built into the mnemocam, there will also be no hassle with downloading and saving your photographs. And because of that there’s of course no time time wasted with uploading, tagging or sharing your photographs. There will never again be too much images!

So, without irony, what should you expect from the mnemocam? The mnemocam has been designed to give value back to the single photograph, to it’s aesthetics, to it’s values; in contrast to the vast amounts of unseen and unused digital photographs that are taken, stored and distributed today. The way it operates has also the great potential to connect one photograph to many different situations. Everytime the photographer thinks about taking a (new) photo, he will re-look at the current one and has to decide whether to trade it for the new one or not. This will store the photograph and its backstory much more lastingly in the mind of the photographer - thus the name mnemocam. Through the constant process of comparing and valuing one photograph against another, the mnemocam also refines and reminds the photographer of what to expect from a photograph, of what gives a photograph a special value.

... one shot is all you need.