Double Portrait

Synchronous portrait of two sides of a person. Series of five photographs.

To take a photograph normally means to represent one single view on a certain aspect of the world, showing what is visible from this singular point-of-view. I wanted to break this concept and take a photo that shows sights from two different viewpoints at the same moment in one image.

With the help of a half-reflective mirror, I split the camera's gaze into two. The two gazes I directed with two full mirrors, so that they would both look at my model - but from oppositional directions. Paraphrased, I allowed myself to see both sides of the story at the same time, which is often so hard to manage...

Inside the series, it was important to me to realize a couple of shifts. The optical distance grows, the amount of reflected sight diminishes, the amount of direct sight grows, the gaze shifts from profile to frontal portrait, the photographer / onlooker gets more and more into the sight of the model, and the mirror-setup and staged situation is more and more revealed.